Monday, March 28, 2016

The Last Objective (DIMX)

Deep beneath the earth's irradiated crust, the crew of a mole-like death machine wage a final war against the enemy and themselves.

I like to think of this one as the "imperfect storm." It has all kinds of stuff in it that should make me giggle with glee. An android that fails to understand its inhumanity and is apparently addicted to cigarettes. A post-apocalyptic landscape of the wildest description. A society run by tyrannical psychological profilers. And yet, it fails to make much sense beyond the typical 1950's cautionary note about the horrors of atomic war. I keep listening to it anyway, though, hoping I'm wrong. I think this is the third time. Maybe just one more...

Dimension X #35
The Last Objective
3 June 1951
NBC net. Ernest Kinoy (adaptor), George Mathis (engineer), Jack Grimes, Lawson Zerbe, Norman Rose (host), Paul Carter (author), Ralph Bell, Wendell Holmes, William Welch (producer), Albert Buhrman (music), Edward King (director), Joseph Julian, Bob Warren (announcer), William Zuckert, Cameron Prud'Homme, Staats Cotsworth.

Staats Cotsworth

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