Saturday, June 25, 2016

And the Moon Be Still as Bright (DIMX)

This third expedition to Mars finds the Martian cities deserted and the Martians dead from exposure to Chicken Pox. (Funny how in these tales Earthmen never get any Martian diseases and die out!) One spaceman is disgusted by his alcohol-loving, window-smashing crewmates, and he appoints himself the sole defender of the artifacts of the dead race.

Dimension X #26
And the Moon Be Still as Bright
29 September 1950
Albert Buhrman (music), Alexander Scourby, Bill Chambers (engineer), Bob Warren (announcer), Edward King (director), Ernest Kinoy (adaptor), Norman Rose (host), Ray Bradbury (author), Wendell Holmes, Van Woodward (producer), Dan Ocko, John McGovern, Joseph Julian, Arthur Gary (announcer).

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