Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Martian Chronicles (DIMX)

A blend of stories from The Martian Chronicles, including pieces of Rocket Summer, Ylla, And the Moon Be Still as Bright, There Will Come Soft Rains, Off Season, and The Million Year Picnic.

Where the dramatization hews closely to the original tales, e.g. Ylla, it is pretty good. Otherwise it doesn't hold together quite as well. But the last half of the show is an admirable attempt blend multiple stories nonetheless.

FYI, there are full-length adaptations of And the Moon Be Still as Bright and There will Come Soft Rains in Dimension X episodes 26 and 11, respectively. Also, Dimension X did versions of The Third Expedition (Mars is Heaven) and The Long Years (Dwellers in Silence).

Dimension X #20
The Martian Chronicles
18 August 1950
Author: Ray Bradbury. Voices: Donald Buka, Inge Adams, Roger De Koven (doubles), David Anderson, Ian Martin, Jan Miner. Summary: Vignettes about the colonization of Mars.

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